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The city of Chittorgarh lies 115 km to the east of Udaipur. It is spread over an area of 700 acres. Crowning a 7-mile long hill, Chittaurgarh is home to numerous palaces, towers, temples, etc. The history of Chittaurgarh is very rich, full seizures and acquisitions. Bappa Rawal, the founder of the Sisodia dynasty, married princess Solanki. The kingdom of Chittaurgarh was first given as a dowry gift to him in the mid 8th century. Read on this Chittaurgarh city guide to explore the city further.

Throughout the period of 8th century to the 16th century, the descendents Bappa Rawal reigned over Mewar, stretching from Gujarat to Ajmer. And during these times only, Chittaurgarh was besieged three times. The first time Chittaurgarh besieged was in the year 1303. Pathan King Ala-ud-din Khilji got awed by the beauty of Queen Padmini and attacked the Chittaurgarh fort to capture her. The year 1535 saw the Bahadur Shah, the Sultan of Gujarat, raiding the fort and sentencing many men to death. It was during this time that womenfolk of Chittaurgarh, led by Rani Karnawati, committed Jauhar (self immolation). After a few years, in 1568, Mughal Emperor Akbar wrecked the fort and brought it to ruins.

Presently, the Chittaurgarh of Rajasthan, India extends below the hill on the west side. An embodiment of Rajput pride, romance and spirit, Chittaurgarh abounds with tales of heroism and sacrifice. The main attraction behind Chittaurgarh travel & tourism is its colossal fort, built on top of a hill. The fort is a reflection of the Rajput culture and tradition. Apart from that, there are a number of towers, palaces, museums and temples worth visiting in the city.
Tourists Attraction :

Padminis Palace :
The famous places to see in Chittaurgarh also include Padmini Palace, built adjacent to a lotus pool. It has a legend attached to it. Ala-ud-din saw the reflection of Queen Padmini in this pool. He was so captivated and entranced by her that he fought a furious battle with Maharana Ratan Singh (husband of Maharani Padmini). This battle changed the history of Chittaurgarh.

Chittorgarh Fort :
Chittorgarh fort is a huge and colossal structure. The entrance to the fort is provided through seven gates and lead up to the main gate, Ram Pol (gate of Ram). The main gate of the fort itself is Suraj Pol (Sun gate). As per the legend, Bhim, a Pandava, started the construction of the fort. There are a number of magnificent monuments inside the fort itself.

The Fort :
It is guarded by seven gates, three of which are dedicated to the heroes who died in the defence of this fort. Other places of interest are Banvirs wall the treasury and a Jain temple.

Palace of Rana Kumbha :
It is said that in its underground vaults, Queen Padmini performed jauhar during Allauddin khilji attack and it was here that Mira bai abandoned royal life to become a devotee of lord Krishna.

Sat-Bees Dewara :
A group of twenty seven Jain temples clustered together on the rise of a small hill.

Srinagar Chauri :
An abundantly carved Jain temple.

Mirabais Temple
built in the Indo Aryan style on a raised plinth it has a conical roof and an inner sanctum. An open colonnade around the sanctum has four small pavilions in each corner Princess Mira Bai used to worship Lord Krishna.

Shiva Temple
A 13th century Shiva temple, south of the Pillar of fame.

Kalka Mata Temple
It was originally an 8th century Sun Temple which preserves a carving of the Sun God over its entrance.

Palace of Patta
The palace of one of the noblest heroes of Chittor who died during the Mughal conquest of the fort accompanied by his bride and mother.

How to Get There :

Air : Indian airlines operates flight to Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Mumbai.

Rail : Chittaurgarh has travel links with Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Udaipur, Kota and Delhi.

Road : Chittaurgarh is on the main bus and train route. By road its well connected with Ajmer and Udaipur. There are frequent connections to these places.
 Climate of Chittorgarh :
The summer season extends from April to June and is quite hot. The average temperature in summers falls between 43.8° C to 23.8° C. The winter season lasts from October to February. Chittaurgarh weather in the winters is pretty cool. The temperature averages around 28.37° C to 11.6° C. The monsoon season falls during the months of June to August. Max 44 ºC, Min 24 ºC (summer); Max 28 ºC, Min 12 ºC (winter)


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