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Palakkad which is popularly called as the Granary of Kerala is a land of beautiful valleys, hill stations, forests, rivers and dams. A monument which is a must visit in Palakkad is the fort called the Tipu Sulthan Fort. There are many villages here which are worth a visit. An hill station in Palakkad is the Nelliyampathy hills which is a long stretch of ridges and valleys. Other natural attractions here are the Dhoni waterfalls, Meenvallam waterfalls, Choolanur sanctuary, Parambikulam wildlife and Silent valley. There is a water theme park called the Fantasy Park which was also the first amusement park in Kerala. The other main tourist centre is the Malampuzha gardens, dam and Deer Park. The main attractions in Palakkad are given below :

Tourists Attraction :

Tipu Sulthan Fort :
Tipu Sultan’s Fort is situated in Palakkad district. Hence it is also called as the Palakkad fort. The fort was built by Hyder Ali, Tipu’s father. Later it was extended by Tipu Sultan during the 18th century. This fort has witnessed many historical events including the struggle of Tipu against the British. The fort was captured by the British and later came under the control of the Zamorins.

Nelliyampathy :
Nelliyampathy is a hill station which is situated in Palakkad district. These chain of ridges and valleys have height that ranges from 467 m to 1572 m. Some of the main peaks of these mountain ranges include Vellachimudi, Mayanmudi, Valiyavana and Vela Vanchan. This is an ideal place for trekking.

Dhoni Waterfalls :
Dhoni waterfall is situated in the Dhoni hills in Palakkad district. It is surrounded by dense forests. On reaching the base of the Dhoni hills, one has to reach to the top by trekking for around 3 hours. During monsoon season, the water will be full and it is the ideal time to visit this waterfalls.

Meenvallam Waterfalls :
Meenvallam waterfall is situated in Palakkad district. The water falls from a height of around 25 ft and the depth of the water is 20 ft. This waterfall has 10 steps and the 8 steps lies in dense forest. Each of these steps has a height that ranges from 5 to 40 m.

Choolanur Sanctuarym :
Choolanur Peacock Sanctuary is spread over the districts Palakkad and Thrissur. The total forest area includes around 500 hectares. This is a most favored wildlife sanctuary and there are about 200 peacocks here. Several other species of birds are also found here.

Parambikulam Wildlife :
Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary is located between the Anamalai ranges in Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges in Kerala. It lies at a height of 300 m to 1,400 m above sea level. The world’s oldest and the tallest teak tree lies here and this sanctuary is said to have the first scientifically managed teak plantation. Another main attraction of this sanctuary is the Kannimara teak tress which is around 350 years old.

Silent Valley :
Silent Valley National Park is located in Nilgiri hills in Palakkad district. This area was explored by a botanist named Robert Wight in the year 1847. It consists of rain forest and tropical moist evergreen forest. The rain forest area is at a height of 1000 m above sea level and forests called as Sholas are at a height of 1500 m.

Kollengode :
Kollengode is a town in Palakkad district covered with large paddy fields. There is an ancient Vishnu temple and a Palace in this place. This town got its name from the Malayalam word ‘Kollen’ which means blacksmith. It is because this community is seen here in large numbers. A tributary of Bharathapuzha river called as Gayathri river flows through this place.

Malampuzha Dam :
Malampuzha dam is located in Palakkad district. This dam which has a height of 6066 feet is built across the Malampuzha river and is said to be the largest irrigation reservoir in Kerala. It is combined of 1849 meters long masonry dam and 220 meters long earthen dam.

Fantasy Park :
Fantasy Park is the first amusement park in Kerala and is located in Palakkad district. It lies in a total area of 15 acres and is an ideal picnic spot for families. It was started in the year 1996 and thousands of tourists come to this park to enjoy each year. Fantasy Park is at a distance of just 10 kms from Malampuzha gardens. People of all age groups can come and enjoy from here and can play in various rides that are available.

Mangalam Dam :
Mangalam dam is built across the river Cherukunnapuzha, a tributary of Mangalam River. It is a popular picnic location.

Thunchan Madom :
A memorial to the father of Malayalam Language Thunchathu Ezhuthachan is Thunchan Madom which is built near the river Shokanashini. This madom is popularly called as the Gurumadom and there are many literary people here. There is an Ezhuthani which is the pen used by Ezhuthachan kept here as a memento.

Thrithalam :
Thrithala is a village in Ottapalam in Palakkad. Thrithala is well known for its historic ruins and monuments. The famous cultural monument here is the ruins of a mud fort and the Shiva temple. This place is also famous for the traditional ayurvedic treatment done.

JP Smirthivanam and Deer Park :
The forest area and the deer park come under the Walayar Reserve forest. The tourists can take a look of the deers from here closely. Some other animals are also found here including elephants and the tourists can also take an elephant ride.

How To Reach :

By Air : Located at a distance of 160 kilometers from the Palakkad is the Cochin International Airport. Another airport is located at Coimbatore, which is around 55 kilometers from Palakkad.

By Rail : Palakkad has two railway stations. The main station called Palakkad junction is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Palakkad.

By Road : Palakkad is connected to all major towns and cities of Kerala through a wide network of roads and is easily accessible from anywhere in Kerala.

Climate of Palakkad : Winter season is from the month of December to February. December is the coolest part of the year and the temperatures range in the high twenties. The maximum temperature during the winter months would be around 30°C.
Best Season: Dec - Feb
Summer 32 to 38°C, Winter 17 to 30°C


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