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Siliguri is located ideally in Siliguri Corridor (Chicken’s neck), which is a thin strip of land connecting the Mainland of India with the north east of India. Siliguri is a prominent town in the Darjeeling district of the state of West Bengal in India. This has been famed as the commercial centre of North Bengal. This is the transit location to the neighboring countries like Bangaladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Mynamar.

Siliguri, located in the Himalayan plains, is gateway to the main hill stations in the Himalayan ranges. Gangtok, Mirik, Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Kurseong are the hills stations which can be approached only through Siliguri. Hence Siliguri is a significant halting place for the tourists and pilgrims.
Siliguri, one of the fastest growing cities in the north east, is famous for tea plantations. The cooler climate is ideal for the proper growth of Tea plants. Many tea brands with export quality are cultivated in Siliguri. The Mahananda River and Balasan River are flowing through the plains in Siliguri make the land fertile.

Places To Visit:

Coronation Bridge
Coronation Bridge, also known as Sevoke Coronation Bridge, is built in 1930 over the renowned Teesta River at the confluence of Rangeet River and Teesta River in West Bengal to mark the Coronation of the King George V. This bridge, located close to Sevokeswari Kali Mandir in Siliguri, is a very important..

The Science City
Science City in Siliguri, also known as The North Bengal Science Centre, is a knowledge base of science and it is a highly accomplished institution in north Bengal. This is located at the Northern suburbs of Siliguri town known as Matigara. This Science Museum exhibits many scientific experiment

Madhuban Park
Madhuban Park is a spectacular park located in the outskirts of Siliguri is founded by Indian Army. This park is well maintained and serves as an exquisite picnic spot in West Bengal. This is a significant place as many tourist land here en-route to Sikkim and north eastern regions.

Surya Sen Park
The Surya Sen Park, a favorite picnic spot among the local people, is located at Mahakal Pally near to Siliguri. This is an eco-friendly place for fun, entertainment and increasing awareness about alternative energy sources. An exhibition in the park offers fundamental knowledge about the alternative.

Umrao Singh Boat Club
Umrao Singh Boat Club is located at Sukna in Siliguri. This is developed and maintained by Indian Army. This boat club offers many facilities for fun boating and enjoyment. Boats with different sizes and shapes are available for the tourists to hire. Pedaled and engine fitted boats are available .

Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary
Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary, situated between Mahananda and Teesta Rivers, is a vast expanse of forest lands enthralled with lusting green undulated hilly regions in the foot hills of Himalayan ranges. It is placed near to Siliguri in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal.

An august reflection of serenity and sublime beauty, ISCKON temple in Siliguri attracts thousands of people into its lap. International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as Hare Krishna Movement, manages the temple with dedication and reverence.

Kali Mandir
Sevokeshwari Kali Mandir is an ancient temple located very close to Coronation Bridge in Siliguri and located in Binnaguri nearby to the shore of River Teesta. The temple enshrines Goddess Durga in her Kali form. Adorning majestic jewels and arms equipped with sword and armory.

Salugara Monastery
Salugara Monastery, a sacred Buddhist destination near to Siliguri, was established by Tibetal Buddhist Monks, the followers of the Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama. The attractive feature of this monastery is the 100 feet stupa founded by the Tibetan Lama, Kalu Rinpoche.

Fun & Entertainment
Savin Kingdom
Savin Kingdom near to Siliguri is a scenic location which attracts many tourists. The place is nestled among spacious and serene tea farms. The place is credited with an amusement park. The park offers many facilities for the enjoyment of the visitors.


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